What is Perfectly Imperfect?

What if you could get personalized services to help you briefly work through challenging seasons? Where the focus is not trying to perfect you, but help you accept and manage what you think are imperfections.

Our personal development courses designed to help provide short term guidance, support and encouragement to cope and/or manage specific issues. 

Using HIPAA approved video chat, services are provided face to face from the comfort of your own space. 

How does this work?

Step 1

Review our current offerings and find which course best suits your current needs in this season. 

Step 2

Follow up for a free consult and begin working through your course with a faciliator, face to face or from the comfort of your own space.

Step 3

Complete your course and return at any time, change, or season to retake or work through a new course.

Popular courses

Anger Management - Reloaded

A crash course in understanding how to communicates her needs, receive and give respect, and move through difficult emotions without drowning in emotional overwhelm.   

This course is for you if you:

  • Want to be respected but struggle with communicating it
  • Get irritable, annoyed, or frustrated with people quickly
  • Have tried groups before, but need custom one on one support

I'll work with you, one on one, to:

  • Identify your current experiences with anger and your dominant anger style
  • Learn and practice new ways to communicate your needs
  • Learn practical coping skills that work with your personal strengths to manage difficult situations

Other Courses Offered

Stress Management Reloaded - 6 weeks


A crash course in understanding your stress, identifying your stressors, implementing healthy coping skills and managing yourself. The ultimate stress management package!

This course is great for you if:

  • Find yourself overwhelmed with your responsibilities
  • Feels guilty or shameful when attempting to rest or delegate
  • Feel as if you're at a breaking point and need some one on one support to refocus and re-prioritize.

I'll work with you one on one to:

  • Verbalize how stress  is impacting you physically, emotionally and mentally.
  • Identify stressors, identify values and re-evaluate tasks.
  • Identify healthy coping skills and manage emotions.

Anxiety Bootcamp - 6 weeks

 A crash course in understanding your anxiety, discussing triggers related to your anxiety and customized ways to manage your anxiety.  

This course is great for you if:

  • Can manage your day to day stressors, however notice you're worrying more.
  • Your worries prevent you from speaking up at work or in class, be assertive with you family or attend social functions with friends.
  • You often find yourself indecisive and unsure about your values, your family's opinions and other relationships.

I'll work with you one on one to:

  • Verbalize how anxiety impacts your decision making process as well as physically. 
  • Identify, track and process specific worries through our custom-made journal
  • Develop healthy ways to manage worry (minimizing its impact)


Victory over Postpartum Depression (PPD) - 8 weeks

A course to help women triumph over postpartum depression with awareness, insight and support. This course helps women to be educated on the symptoms, normalize feelings and thoughts, and regulate emotions with support and coping skills.   

This course is great for you if:

  • Have a newborn or infant
  • Getting out of the house seems impossible and local resources feel limited
  • Feel overwhelmed with responsibilities and lack of support.
  • Inadvertently focus on all-things-baby, may isolate from others, or neglect partners.
  • Feel guilt and shame about all of your conflicting emotions, when you've been told having a baby is supposed to be one of the most "joyous seasons" of your life.

I'll work with you one on one to:

  • Learn about PPD and how it impacts your body, emotions and thoughts
  • Identify your top values and focusing on giving yourself grace 
  • Learn ways to manage stressful and anxious emotions with a Victorious Mom Kit
  • Identify ways to gain support within personal network and larger communities. 

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