Frequently Asked Questions

What will therapy be like for me?
This will depend on what you would like to get from therapy. Some individuals are looking for encouragement, spiritual insight, and feedback on their current lifestyle. Other individuals may be looking for a solution or specific guidance in making behavior changes. Some individuals find it helpful to just begin therapy and explore various concerns as they come up in their daily or weekly life. Whatever your need may be, our clinicians will work with you in developing better insight and understanding to making your life, your marriage or your family healthier.

How much are your services and do you accept insurance?
Our current rates consist of $90.00 for initial assessment for individuals or couples. Every session afterwards are $75.00 for individuals and $85.00 for couples and/or family counseling.

We currently accept these insurances:

  • Bluecross Blueshield
  • State and federal BCBS plans
  • Optum (formerly United Healthcare)
  • Compsych
  • American Behavioral
  • Medicaid (traditional healthy connections, first select, and blue choice)
  • Beacon (formerly Value Options)
  • Military One Source EAP
We are also on most local employer assistance programs. Contact our office to inquire on your specific EAP.

If you do not see your insurance listed, contact your insurance provider to see if you have out-of-network coverage.

I have insurance, why do I still have to pay out of pocket?
Depending on your insurance policy, you may have deductible that needs to be met BEFORE your insurance benefits will cover a percentage of mental health services. You also may have a copay or coinsurance percentage. Your insurance company can help answer these questions for you.

Can I use my HSA/FSA card?
Yes! Our office accepts HSA, FSA, and care credit cards. Please note: It will still be your responsibility to ensure the funds are available for services.

What can I expect on my first visit?
When you arrive you will be seated in our comfortable lobby where a warm or cold beverages and snacks can help you unwind and prepare for your session. Your therapist will greet you and inquire on paperwork. You will then be escorted back into one of our offices and provided information about our practice, counselors, and practices. The remaining part of your visit will be gathering information and learning more about who you are, what you need, and how we can better serve you.

What if I don’t like my counselor?
We rarely run into this situation, but recognize sometimes the initial fit isn’t always the ideal. We have four other clinicians and will gladly assist you in re-selecting a better fit. Should you not find any ideal matches for your needs, we will gladly provide 2-3 recommendations outside of our practice to ensure you have helpful options as you continue your journey.

What paperwork do I need to complete?
1) New clients will be required to complete an initial intake packet according to what you service you need (individual, couple or children) which includes the Disclosure and HIPAA form- The Disclosure statement is a document that gives you a general idea about NWC Counseling including our services, fees, policies, and other office information. This document is your copy to keep as well. The HIPAA statement is a document that provides you about your rights as a client and privacy laws. This form is important but it is your copy to keep. The Intake Form – which will give me a general idea about who you are so that we can better serve you. The Consent form– which provides your consent and legal understanding of your responsibilities. The Consent for interns – this form helps us to identify clients who are willing to allow interns at the graduate and provisionally licensed level to observe and/or conduct sessions for educational purposes. Please select the packet you need below!

  • Adult Initial Intake Packet
    • Disclosure and HIPAA form
    • Adult Intake Form
    • Counseling Agreement
    • Intern Consent Form

  • Child Initial Intake Packet
    • Disclosure and HIPAA form
    • Parent Intake Form
    • Adolescent Intake Form (for children 10 and up)
    • Minor Consent Form
    • Intern Consent Form

  • Couples Initial Intake Packet
    • Disclosure and HIPAA form
    • Couples Intake Form
    • Adult Intake Form (for each partner)
    • Counseling Agreement
    • Intern Consent Form

2) A RELEASE OF INFORMATION (ROI) should be completed if you need us to communicate with a doctor’s office, family member, friend, etc. about your services. Without this document, we are prohibited from releasing any information about you

  • Release of Information

How do I get my paperwork to your office?
We offer three different ways to complete paperwork:

  • IDEAL: Download our forms from your browser to your PC/ mobile, complete them electronically, PRINT THEM AS A PDF and save them to your device/desktop and submit them to prior to your scheduled session.
  • Download our forms and print them out, complete them by hand, email or fax them to our office prior to your scheduled session.
  • Complete the forms in the office before your initial intake. This will require more time to be utilized for paperwork completion and minimizing the time in therapy.