I'm looking for relationship counseling services

Relationship counseling: Are you having challenges in your relationship? We help couples to communicate more effectively, resolve mild to serious relationship issues, and begin rebuilding trust, intimacy and friendship in broken relationships. We value creating a foundation of respect and honesty between you and your partner. Click HERE to see more specifics regarding the types of relational issues we can help you with. Click HERE to schedule an appointment for you and your partner.

I'm looking for faith based services

Faith based services: Are you feeling disconnected from your spirituality? We help individuals to reflect on their spiritual values and their relationship with God. We use devotionals, biblical scripture, and our own faith based experiences to provide guidance to individuals who'd like to work through challenges, move forward in setbacks, and deepen their spiritual journey. Click HERE to see more life areas we can help you with. Click HERE to schedule an appointment.

I'm looking for individual counseling services

Individual counseling: Are you feeling tired, anxious, depressed, or generally down lately? We help individuals who are dealing with mild to moderate life stressors and mental health concerns. We provide education about mental health disorders, healthy coping skills to manage their stressors, and restoring healthy balance in their lives. We use encouragement and positive affirmations to begin restoring their self-worth from the inside out. Click HERE to see more issues we can help you with. Click HERE to schedule an appointment.

I’m looking for counseling for my child (ren)

Are you a parent dealing with a child with anxiety? Maybe a teenager who is acting out behaviorally at home and in school? A daughter struggling with body image or a son dealing with following the wrong crowd? We help children ages 3-17 cope with general stressors to moderate anxiety, body image to self-worth/value, to making healthy and smart choices as an independent young adult. We also work with both parents and children to communicate effectively to rebuild lasting relationships. Click HERE to see more issues we can help you with. Click HERE to schedule an appointment.

Im looking for other services

NEED MORE SERVICES? Click HERE to see all that we can offer you. Click HERE to schedule an appointment.

Welcome to NWC Counseling

"Everyone is kneaded from the same dough, but not baked in the same oven"
– Yiddish Proverb

What makes us unique? Our life experiences, family dynamics and social relationships all play a role in shaping us into individuals with unique personalities and perspectives. Traumas, bad experiences, and broken relationships can leave us feeling emotionally wounded, spiritually void, mentally exhausted and socially damaged. Counseling services can often be helpful in healing brokenness, providing the necessary support and guidance to individuals, couples and/or families who are working through difficult and/or challenging trials.

This practice uses cognitive behavioral counseling techniques, to provide therapeutic interventions, to help encourage changes in thought patterns to ultimately encourage positive changes in behavior. Click HERE to learn more about the counseling practice and our clinicians

Check out the NWC Counseling Blog, with self-help articles, upcoming research data, education on common disorders, information on upcoming events, video blogs, and more.

This practice is currently accepting new clients. NWC Counseling also provides services for licensed professional counselor interns (LPC-I) seeking supervision in South Carolina. Please contact our office for inquires regarding supervision services.

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